Carl’s Jr. is Switching it up

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Carl’s Jr. is taking a daring new direction with its latest advertising campaign, shifting the focus from boobs and butts back to burgers and buns.

Less than a year ago, the fast food hamburger chain’s commercials were serving up soft-core lesbian porn starring a bevy of blonde beauties parading around in next to nothing and stuffing Bacon 3-Way Burgers in their mouths.

celine bags Who could forget Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Genevieve Morton, model Emily Sears, and Playboy Playmate Elena Belle feeding each other bacon strips while wearing white bikinis and a layer of grease in order to sell a hamburger named for a multi-person sex act?

Now, Adweek reports, the company is meta-making fun of itself with a story-heavy new campaign in which a fictitious Carl Hardee Sr. shows up to take back control of the Carl’s Jr. brand from his ne’er do well son, Carl Hardee Jr.

readme When Carl Sr. shows up, Carl Jr. is forsaking his leadership responsibilities for virtual reality, a blonde on a mechanical bull, and a buddy in an in-office hot tub.

“Daddy!” millennial Junior stammers as his father takes control. “You’re back!”

canada goose Gone goes the painting on the wall of the blonde holding the burgers in front of her boobs. Up goes a big photo of a juicy burger. The girl gets kicked off the mechanical bull. Junior denies knowledge of the dude in the tub.

Instead of pioneering how close a commercial for a hamburger can be to porn, the new ads offer up a new slogan positing the chain as “Pioneers of the great American burger.”

Dad makes it clear he doesn’t approve of his son’s oversexed ways — “Yeah, things got real weird,” his son concurs — and the two men stand in front of a photo-covered wall for a walk back down Carl’s Jr. history lane.

In this latest revision, Carl’s Jr. is selling the American way, instead of the sexual innuendo.

canada goose So why the change of course?

canada goose canada goose In an interview with USA Today, Andrew Puzder, the former CEO of CKE Restaurants Holdings, which owns Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, who withdrew his name from consideration for U.S. Labor Secretary in the Trump administration, took a je ne regrette rien stance on the old, oversexed way of hawking Carl’s Jr. burgers, stating: “We don’t have anything to be ashamed of.”

click here A slew of sexy commercials scored tons of attention for the company. Paris Hilton washed a car in a bathing suit and ate a burger. Kim Kardashian took a bath with a salad. Kate Upton hopped in the backseat of a convertible. Charlotte McKinney walked around naked and ate an all natural burger.

It remains to be seen if trading sex for sustenance will be a win or a lose.

Without the girls, Carl’s Jr. is just one more business selling burgers to hungry dudes.

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