FB Messenger Adding Stories Feature

Last September we had our first glimpse of Messenger Day (Facebook’s attempt to clone Snapchat’s stories function) when it was being tested in Poland. Now, the social network says the feature is rolling out to users worldwide, on both Android and iOS.

The premise is simple. You use Messenger’s built-in camera to snap pictures or videos; add text, doodles, cartoon overlays, or facial filters; and then drop this content into a little digital bundle (your “Day”) that all or some of your friends can access, and that deletes itself every 24 hours. Snapchat had it first, then Instagram got it, then WhatsApp, and now Messenger. We would say this was a brazen move on Facebook’s part to copy its rival so, but that implies it’s in any way unexpected.

What it does show that’s interesting, though, is the pre-eminence of the camera in today’s messaging market. Sure we’re not going to stop typing messages to each other any time soon, but Snapchat’s success has shown that in terms of informal and intimate communication, you can’t beat snapping pictures. And, as Facebook shows yet again, if you can’t beat ‘em, you have to join ‘em.

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