Not Sure if Good Stunt or just Good Branding

Being gay can be especially tough in some conservative Asian cultures, but supportive workplaces can make all the difference.

This video posted by HSBC Bank in Taiwan tells the story of one of its employees, Jennifer. In an interview segment in the video, she reveals that her parents don’t acknowledge her relationship with her partner, and refused to attend their wedding.

So the bank’s country CEO, John Li, walked her down the aisle on her big day.

The touching video also talks about Jennifer’s 11-year relationship with her partner, Sam.

“My parents are strongly against it,” says Jennifer. “Whenever my father sees Sam, he will push her out and tell her to get lost.”

Jennifer adds that her biggest worry about coming out was that it would affect her work. “I was concerned that it would stop clients banking with [us]. So I considered it very carefully,” she says.

However, her colleagues have come out in full support of her.

“CEO John was willing to walk me down the aisle, [he even] told us not to be nervous and to walk slowly,” she says.

Taiwan has not legalised same-sex marriages, so the couple’s wedding is ceremonial. But Jennifer notes that she hopes her story will encourage others LGBTQ couples facing the same pressures.

“This wedding is really for the LGBTQ community,” says Jennifer. “We hope our actions will encourage people and create respect among different communities.”

This is not the first time HSBC has made a big show of support for LGBTQ couples.

有無發現滙豐總行大廈廣場多了一對彩虹獅子?滙豐的一對獅子史提芬(Stephen)同施迪 (Stitt) 代表勇氣和繁榮。現在,他們又多一重意義,塗上彩虹顏色成為「自豪之獅」 與「團結之獅」,以表達滙豐對LGBT (不同性傾向及跨性別人士)的尊重。你也來出一分力,將訊息傳給家人朋友,並來滙豐總行看看這對限時觀賞的彩虹獅子。#HSBCPride
【Lions in rainbow colours】
Did you know that we have two new coloured lions sitting at the HSBC Main Building Plaza? Stephen and Stitt have stood for courage and prosperity. Now, they also stand for pride and unity. We’ve draped our two lions in the rainbow colours to show support for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community‎. Show your support by spreading this message with family and friends. Also, drop by to visit them at the HSBC Main Building while they’re still here. #HSBCPride

Earlier last year, it unveiled a pair of rainbow lions in front of its Hong Kong office as part of its “Celebrate Pride, Celebrate Unity” campaign.

“This campaign demonstrates our commitment to achieving a truly open and diverse working environment,” said HSBC Group general Kevin Martin in a statement.

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