Contender Weekly

What’s it like to blow up a $95m rocket & watch your net worth drop by $779m in one day?

Just ask Elon Musk.


Instagram fanatics rejoice!

You can now zoom in on the beloved app. See how brands are already taking advantage here.

Well this is new…

Introducing Facebook Vertical Video ads. It’s okay, I don’t know how to feel about it either.

ICYMI, the world is changing… & quickly.

See how much social media has changed in just 2 years.


PSA: General Mills creative reviews aren’t over, but more info has surface.

New GM agency requirement: diversity! Click to learn more.

So, you sponsor Colin Kaepernick…

Now what?

Microsoft still hates Apple…

But hey, at least they were creative about it this time.


Google Carpool is coming to a city near you.

Watch out Uber, looks like Google is closer than you think.

Congrats CBS on joining the ad-free streaming club.

Not gonna lie though, you’re a little late to the party.

Introducing a strategist’s best friend and potential worst enemy.

Check out Google’s latest analytics app, fully equipped with machine learning.



Read why recent graduates are breaking up with blogs to get in bed with podcasts.

“Welcome to the Anthrop-ocene epoch” - Scientists

Human influence has officialy brought on a new age in earth history. Is this good or bad? TBD.

Oh, kids these days…

Watch Stranger Things actors reminisce about the 80s (Note: 4/5 were born in the 2000s)