The Best Reason to get Healthy – Love

Really, what do we expect from grocery store marketing? Unless you’re a Brit at Christmas, or a German cat fan, the answer is probably, “not much.” What we typically get is a variety of takes on freshness, friendliness, and oh so many moms. But leave it to the French to turn a chore into a pretty damn cute love story that slyly sells you on food quality. Onward!


What: A French supermarket chain shows us how love conquers all, even junk food
Who: Intermarché, Romance
Why We Care: As lovely as the spot is, Christophe Lichtenstein, cofounder and CEO of the appropriately named agency Romance, told Co.Create earlier this week this campaign is a major strategic shift for Intermarché. “The Intermarché brand moved out of the retailers price war to position itself as the purchaser of quality,” he said, noting that consumer insight indicated French shoppers were concerned with more than just price. “One in two French people consider the retail market unreliable, and many of them say they are ready to consume less in order to consume better-quality products.”

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